The Gift of Love: Experience our NYC Party Bus Tour with your Family.

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The Gift of Love: Experience our NYC Party Bus Tour with your Family. Give your family the gift of love by reserving our BRAINS Party Bus. We will give you a party you’ll never forget, For three hours, you and your family (up to 60 people) will experience a tour around New York City in […]

Ignite Your Curiosity inside our EdTech STEAM Mobile Lab or “Party Bus”

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Ignite Your Curiosity inside our EdTech STEAM “Mobile Lab” or “Party Bus.” BRAINS is the first STEAM EdTech edutainment mobile lab or party bus in New York serving areas in Westchester County, New York City and Long Island. Please take a look at our packages here For one hour, a NYS certified educator will teach […]

Children in the Bronx experienced Virtual Reality.

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The BRAINS bus is educating children in the Bronx NYC for the future, now. Virtual Reality in education is an amazing tool to promote STEAM education. Thank you Michelle Daniels, Scott Krivitsky, and Michael Jacome for helping us educating our children. The Bronx Rox.

Pay with Venmo #BRAINSbus

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Hi, Here’s the link to my Venmo profile. Tap or click it, and be sure you’re finding my true self.

Virtual Reality City in the BRAINS BUS. #VR #VRnews

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Virtual Reality City Today, we had amazing #vr personalities inside our virtual reality city. Lex Dreitser, the best Virtual Reality and Unity 3D guru in NYC started working collaborative with our #VR team to offer the best coding and #vr experiences to the people of New York. Thank you Lex for allowing us to bring […]

The STEAM bus will train students for the future!

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The STEAM bus is going to train people for the Future. We have Virtual Reality coding stations, microscopes, a green screen for YouTube production, and 3D printing stations.

Desert Bus VR by #BRAINSbus

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Earlier in the year we found out that Desert Bus, a videogame originally developed as part of a minigame collection for famous magicians Penn & Teller, was being reinvisioned in VR. From today, though, you’ll be able to play it. Desert Bus VR will be launching later today on Steam with HTC Vive support. The […]

Amazon Takes a Trip In Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Amazon wants a part of the nascent markets for virtual and augmented reality. The retail giant debuted software tools on Monday called Amazon (AMZN, +0.40%)Sumerian that are intended to help coders more easily build virtual reality and augmented reality apps using 3D computer graphics. With virtual reality, people wear headsets like Facebook’s Oculus Rift to immerse themselves in […]

Meet Sophia: The First Robot Declared a Citizen by Saudi Arabia. #BRAINSNYC

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Meet Sophia. The future is here and it looks phenomenal. Let us train you for the future. Contact us now:  

Atlas #Robot by Boston Dynamics can Backflip and do your job. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by #BRAINSNYC

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Have you ever wondered what would happen to your job once robots take over? It is time to take action and start preparing for the future, now. Let us train you for the future now.  

Automated Valet Parking Service. Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by #BRAINSNYC

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Automated Valet Parking Service. We have been saying this for a long time, the future is here. Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Quantum Computing and Fast Prototyping are accelerating our lives, but it will also leave a lot of people jobless. Instead of finding a job, let us train you for the future. Let us […]

BRAINS BUS, the future at your fingertips™

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Our bus will teach you STEAM subjects and teach you about building electronics, computers and robots through coding.

Our STEAM Bus will train people for the jobs of the future.

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Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. Two years ago, we had the revolutionary idea of building mobile classrooms to serve our tri state community. We ran the first Bronx makerspace and we became specialists in STEAM, shortened for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. As of today, we are honored to present to the people […]

Let us host your child’s birthday party or your corporate events in our #STEM #VR video games green buses. @VRgreenCity®

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Tired of the same old experiences? Let us host your party or event with virtual and mixed reality in New York City and Westchester County.  We custom make your experience. We have a green screen for YouTube, microscopes, chemical experiments, virtual and mixed reality stations, and awesome video games.  Copyrighted by Michael Ivan Jacome M.Ed […]

Learn more about The VR Green Bus on YouTube. @VRGreenCity.

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click here to learn more about “The VR Green Bus” Thank you Tatyana Turner from project BXtra for the wonderful video in our grand opening at The Bronx Terminal Market.

Best Buy’s Black Friday Sale to Offer Sizable Discounts on #VR Devices, Oculus Rift Priced at $350 – Road to VR @VRgreencity

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Major retailers are now publishing their much awaited Black Friday deals, and by far one of the largest sales to cover VR stuff thus far comes from Best Buy. Sizable discounts come to Oculus Rift, VR-ready computers, Gear VR, and much more. Update (11/09/17): A laptop featuring a GTX 1050 was removed from the list […]

Oculus Research Devises Accurate Low-cost VR Stylus for Writing in VR @vrgreencity

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Using a single camera and a 3D-printed dodecahedron decorated with binary square markers, the so-called ‘DodecaPen’ achieves submillimeter-accurate 6DoF tracking of a passive stylus. Lead by National Taiwan University PhD student Po-Chen Wu during his internship at Oculus Research, the work presents a low-cost tracking and input solution with many potential applications in virtual and […]

Sony Cuts Price of PSVR & PS4 Console by $100 for Week-long Black Friday Sale – Road to VR @VRgreenCity

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With major US retailers already greasing the wheels of their shopping carts in preparation for the yearly scramble we call Black Friday, Sony today announced on the US PlayStation blog that it’s temporarily lowering the price of all PlayStation VR bundles as well as the PlayStation 4 1TB console, each by $100. Starting on November 19th […]

#VRGreenCity. #Pimax Ends #VR Headset Kickstarter With Over $4.2M and a Truly Massive Job Ahead – Road to VR

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Pimax, the China-based company promising a few flavors of its high field of view (FOV) headset, has successfully completed its Kickstarter with $4,236,618, a good 21 times more than the initial $200,000 funding goal set at its launch back in mid-September. Now, Pimax’s road ahead will be defined by how they deliver on the plethora of […]

The #FSMLLC #STEAM mobile #makerspace grand opening is November 14, 2017 @ the Bronx Terminal market.

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Dear friends and family,  Full STEAM Media LLC is proud to announce the grand opening of first mobile STEAM makerspace classroom in the city of New York this November 14, 2017 at the Bronx Terminal Market.  More details coming soon. #FSMLLC

More patents and trademarks for the STEAM Maker bus are being filed today.

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We have had an excellent experience building the bus. Some ups and downs, however, the classroom of the future is almost ready in legal and physical terms. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. Inventor: Michael Jacome

Patents pending

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BRAINS FULL STEAM MEDIA LLC. is in the process of having a fully patented business.

Be ready for the store of the future. coming soon

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My brain enrichment will soon become the store of the future. Coming soon. This website and domain is now owned and operated by new owners.

We are volunteering at my estuary day. #B2TF 

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Brains to the future is volunteering with many organizations to clean the beach, learn about ecosystems and promoting hands-on STEAM education. The students from nyc public schools had a blast learning. Together, we will make America great again.

Thank you for volunteering and helping the great people of #Mexico & #PuertoRico. #BRAINSNYC

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The great people of Mexico and puerto Rico will have some relief. We want to thank the Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz Jr, Mark Gjonaj, Rev Ruben Diaz, Ydanis Rodriguez, Senator Gustavo Rivera, Evelyn Torres, and the thousands of friends and volunteers who mobilized to help our brothers and sisters.  Muchas gracias a todos los […]

Watch “360 Videos for Education” on YouTube

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360 Videos for Education:

From Jails to Classrooms, an Up-cycling Educational Initiative.

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From Jails to Classrooms. Imagine converting former correctional facilities buses into mobile classrooms and maker spaces. Well, this is a project will become a reality in few weeks. We will educate the masses and create jobs. Stay tuned.

Learn English with us! Aprenda Ingles con nosotros!

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BRAINS NYC will be hosting classes to teach spanish speakers to learn English at all levels BRAINS NYC estará organizando clases para enseñar a los hispanohablantes a aprender inglés en todos los niveles

Thank you #QPark for being our host at the HTC Vive table at the worlds fair nano.

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Thank you Q Park for being our host at the HTC table. Did you like the virtual reality experiences?  Check out Twitter account @VRGreenCity’s   check our Twitter video post with Q Park here Q Park, you rock my good friend! Michael Jacome M.Ed BRAINS NYC C.E.O. Founder Email

#BRAINSNYC is the First Makerspace in the Bronx NYC. Come and Visit us.

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What is a Makerspace? BRAINS NYC is a place in which people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. What technology? Virtual Augmented Reality, 3D printing, Drones, Coding, Video Game Design, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Robotics, Slime Making, Soldering, Laser Cutting, Tutoring, Test Prep, […]

#Robotics, #coding & #edtech at CASA middle school with BRAINS NYC. #NYCSchools

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BRAINS NYC is making history. We are bringing robotics to the nyc schools. Follow our vision. Check out @VRGreenCity’s Tweet:

After School Program at the Bronx STEM/STEAM Makerspace Learning Center.

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Dear Parents, BRAINS NYC is proud to present to you the first Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics after school program in the first STEM makerspace in the Bronx. We are different because we offer coding classes after our homework assistance. The packages can be upgraded to 3D printing, laser cutting, knitting, microscope usage, video […]

STEM Makerspace After School Program in the Bronx NY.

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STEM Makerspace After School Program in the Bronx NY. Dear Parents, BRAINS NYC is proud to present to you the first Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics after school program in the first makerspace in the Bronx. We have a very limited space for enrollment. Please keep in mind that our packages start at $199 […]

K-12 and College Tutoring and Test Preparation in the Bronx, NY.

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Dear Families, The Bronx Revolutionary Academy for Innovative New Scientists (BRAINS) is proud to offer you or your child tutoring services with our learning specialists (tutors). We help elementary school students, middle school students, high school students, and college students with reading, writing, mathematics, science, essay writing, homework assistance, special needs’ tutoring, school field-trips and […]

Tours to the first Bronx MAKERSPACE. Customized #3DPrinting #Slime #Drones #Robotics #Coding #Hydroponics

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Have you ever wondered how do robots work? or how does a microwave oven work? Maybe you want to use a microscope or use our virtual reality headsets. Perhaps you would like to 3D print parts for your drone or robot? Or your children want to make slime. Whatever it it, The Bronx Revolutionary Academy […]

Can you view the eclipse using selfie mode?

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Yes, but don’t look for too long as UV rays can reflect your phone’s screen and affect your eyes. With the solar eclipse quickly approaching, many people have last-minute questions regarding today’s event. One popular question is can you watch the eclipse holding your phone with the totality behind you. According to Jim Todd, the OMSI […]

FREE K-5 Math Tutoring Classes for NYC Students at #BRAINSNYC. #PasaLaVoz #FreeTutoring

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Free K-5 Mathematics Tutoring Classes for NYC Students at #BRAINSNYC The Bronx Revolutionary Academy for Innovative New Scientists (BRAINS) is proud to offer free kindergarten to 5th grade math classes. Bring your tablet or laptop, writing materials, and notebooks. Space is very limited. Where: BRAINS NYC, 3022 E. Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY, 10461. BRAINS is […]

Acquiring scientific #literacy through #content and genre: a theme-based language course for science students – ScienceDirect #LiteracyThroughSTEAM #BRAINSNYC

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BRAINS NYC is the home of #LiteracyThroughSTEAM This article describes a theme-based language course for science students at a South African university. It suggests that acquisition of language for science and technology should be regarded as the acquisition of a range of literacies of science rather than the acquisition of skills or grammatical features. Outlining […]

Total solar eclipse weather forecast as of Aug. 11 – The Washington Post

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The general weather pattern is starting to emerge, but confidence in details is still low. We are publishing regular cloud forecast updates leading up to the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. We can begin to assemble some likelihoods from historical cloud cover tendencies and very generalized weather patterns predicted by models. But confidence is still quite […]

Amazon is issuing refunds to customers who purchased suspect #SolarEclipse glasses – The Verge #1000TelescopesToEndPoverty #BRAINS

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Amazon is refunding customer purchases for protective solar eclipse glasses that it hasn’t been able to confirm come from a reputable manufacturer, according to a safety notification from the company.Excitement has been building for the upcoming solar eclipse across the United States on August 21st, and would-be eclipse viewers have purchased protective glasses from retailers […]