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Academic Enrichment, Tutoring & Remediation

SCHEDULES PROGRAMS (certified teachers) 

Assessment and registration fee: $75 one time fee



7am-2 PM, Home-school

STEM & Tutoring M-F

2:30 pm Micro-tutoring

3:30 pm Micro-tutoring

4:30 pm Micro-tutoring

5:30 pm Micro-tutoring

6:30 pm Micro-tutoring


10-9 pm


Exclusive STEM Remediation Appointments

ONLINE tutoring: 8 AM to 10 PM 7 days a week.

K-6 MATH OR ELA TUTORING (4-1 ratio). $280 per month for 8 one hour sessions per month, per program

K-6 REMEDIATION TUTORING (1-1 ratio) $59 per hour

K-6 COMMON CORE STANDARDS TUTORING (4-1 ratio) $380 per month

AT HOME TUTORING (1-1 ratio) $69 per hour (at home or at BRAINS NYC)

HIGH SCHOOL TUTORING (2-1 ratio) $59 per hour

S.T.E.A.M. embedded tutoring (Project based tutoring 2-1 ratio) $69 per hour

S.T.E.A.M. Robotics, 3D printing, VR, Slime, Youtube production, hydroponics, coding, chemistry experiments, microscope explorations, fossil making, & Video Game Design classes.  $69 per hour plus materials. Families can join.

ONLINE TUTORING (We use Google Hangouts or Skype combined with Khan Academy for remote monitoring) $125 per week. 1 hour daily sessions.


1 on 1 tutoring packages. Save money by bundling different packages. Eg. Coding classes and STEAM Tutoring.  


1 hour  (1M)

Bronze Package

5 hours (1M)

Silver package

10 hours

Yellow Gold Package

40 hours (1 M)

Platinum Package

100 hours (1 A.Y) BRAINS Club Membership
High, Middle & Elementary School Tutoring $69 $259 $499 $1799

(free baseline assessment)


(free baseline assessment)

ACT & SAT test prep $69 per hour $259 for 5 hours $499 for 10 hours $1799 for 40 hours $4199 for 100 hours
Other Tests Ask us about the rates

CLASSES, CAMPS AND BOOTCAMPS for children and adults

Classes Beginner Intermediate Advanced Hacker
Coding Languages $199 per class (4 hours)

$999 for 20 hours per month

$3799 for 100 hours/school y.

$249 per class (4 hours)

$1150 for 20 hours per month

$299 per class $349 per class
Spanish for children & Adults $199 per class (8 classes) 199 249 249   
Video Game Design (Unity3D) $69 per hour.

$999 for 20 hours. (must be used within the month)

$4199 for 100 hours. (School year)

Hydroponics $49 per hour plus materials
Slime making $49 per hour plus materials
3D Printing prototypes $69 per hour. Must sign liability waiver.
Chemistry Experiences $69 per hour
STEAM parties at your home: BRAINS sets up the party with Mad Scientists, a dj station, STEAM Experiences and activities and food. Choose the packages. $50 per child, 50 per parent. Materials included.

$399 for groups of 10 people.

$2999 for 100 people plus event planner’s fees.

Food: We use seamless. We will forward the bill to you including a 5% service fee. We recommend edible arrangements and healthy restaurants.

Mindfulness counseling, Sports, tutoring, STEAM activities, and family bonding. Corporate Mindfulness (Yoga, Body Energy Boosting, Sports) $50 per person.

STEAM Retreats (3D Printing workshops, Virtual Reality Experiences, Coding Bootcamps? Send us an email to info@mybrainenrichment.com  Include the words Corporate Contracting in the subject line.

We are a certified Minority and Women Owned Business and a registered New York City Vendor.                                                       



The zone of proximal development, often abbreviated as ZPD, is the difference between what a learner can do without help and what he or she can do with help. At BRAIN, we can help with this.

k-6 tutoring 4-1 ratio Cost: $280 per month per subject. Math and ELA? 499 per month.

First,  We get to know each other. Then, we register your child and we discuss information regarding allergies, medical conditions and IEP’s. Later, we assess your child with a baseline test to determine his or her strengths and weaknesses in the program of your choice: K-6 Math, Science or ELA. The registration and assessment has a flat fee of $99. This will last from 60 to 90 minutes. Get ready to change your child’s life.

After a successful assessment, we give you the insights and findings of the assessment to recommend a personalized program. The program allows you to bring your child once or twice per week for an affordable price  of $280 per month for Math or ELA and $349 for Science Tutoring. Moreover, parents, get periodical updates and reports from our tutors. $499 for 16 hour per month in ELA and Math.

Common Core Learning Standards Tutoring. 4-1 ratio Cost: $380 per month. 650 for math and ELA. Pay as you go? $50 per hour.

We follow the same process of our K-6 Enrichment program. Our CCLS Math and ELA tutors follow the NYS curriculum. Brain’s goal is to practice and teach the necessary skills to solve problems found in common core. The cost is $380 per month for 8 sessions of one hour each. $650 for Math and ELA for 16 hours per month.

One on one tutoring K-6. Cost: $59 per hour.

NY certified Tutors at your home: $69 per hour.

We offer a combined educational k-5 math, reading, and science tutoring package at the comfort of your home for $69 an hour. 10 hours minimum. We serve the Bronx, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Pelham and Yonkers. We will also help with your child’s homework.

Learn Spanish Boot-Camp for Children and Adults. 249 per camper

Learning Spanish is a very important skill to have in today’s job market and school systems. Brain have Native Spanish Speakers and writers who can teach you Spanish. Sign up for our Sunday Spanish Boot camp. The program lasts 3 weeks, it starts at 12pm and it culminates at 4pm. $249 per boot camper. All members of the family coming? we offer discounts.

High School and regents prep Tutoring grades 7-12th 

Your child gets personalized regents tutoring with certified educators in the subjects of living environment, Earth Science, Algebra, Social Studies, Chemistry, Physics, and other subjects. The price is $69 per hour. We have affordable long-term packages. We communicate with you constantly. $10 hours is $499, 40 hours is $1799. Must be used in one month.

Coding classes: $199 per level, four hours.

Spanish classes $199 for 8 hours

Need help building and writing a professional résumé? We can do this. $49 per sheet.

Printing services? BRAIN can be of service. 0.25 per copy. 0.50 cents per print.

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