stem summer camp

Tutoring and test prep sessions are available. Prices will increase soon!

K-5 English or math tutoring: $280 per month for eight sessions. Pay $2699 for the whole school year and don’t worry about having to pay monthly fees.

K-5 summer packets: $70 per hour. $599 for ten hours. 

K-5 Homework help: $500 per week. 2 hours per day.

At home one on one TUTORING k-12: $75 per hour.

College essay proof-reading: from 19.99 to 299 per written sheet.

ACT/SAT test prep: $75 per hour. $499 for 10 hours.

HIGH SCHOOL TUTORING: $75 per hour. 

Coding, robotics, 3D printing, chemistry or virtual reality STEAM experiences, perfect for special needs and growth development: $79 per hour. 

$699 every 15 days, one hour a week-day.

School year package: $11,999 for ten months of daily, one hour lessons.

Materials included. This is what we are famous for. #BRAINSNYC #STEAMEd

Custom, school supplies boxes: #happyBRAINS™ from $199 per box to one million dollars: get you back to school supplies, all in a box. We custom make them for you. We can also deliver home.

From $199 to one million dollars per box. Choose from chemical experiment boxes to Tesla cars in a box. Splurge yourself with real STEAM. #BRAINSBOX™