after school

After School Program at the Bronx STEM/STEAM Makerspace Learning Center.

Dear Parents,

BRAINS NYC is proud to present to you the first Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics after school program in the first STEM makerspace in the Bronx. We are different because we offer coding classes after our homework assistance. The packages can be upgraded to 3D printing, laser cutting, knitting, microscope usage, video game design, drones piloting, robotics, aeroponics, hydroponics among other projects for an additional $99 USD per week.

Details below:


The price for the week is $199 USD and 12 dollars any additional hour or fraction. We are open when schools are closed. 50 a day additional. We offer free pick up for the first 15 clients from P.S. 71 Rose Scala and P.S. 14.

Hurry up. Space is very limited. Call us now 646 202 3928 or send us an email to


2:30 PM: Homework Assistance

3:30 PM: Homework Assistance

4:30 PM: Hands-on projects or Social Interaction.

5:30 PM: Parents can pick up their children.


Children need to bring their laptop or tablet for coding.