Code – Make – Play VR

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Easily create 3D & VR content

Creating in CoSpaces Edu is a simple drag & drop process from the library of assets, suitable across all ages and subjects.

Creating a CoSpace scene on a tablet device.
Code editor.

Program your spaces

The 3D assets and environments included with CoSpaces Edu can all be brought to life with the use of coding. Students and teachers have the choice of Blockly, a visual tool that helps introduce the logic of coding, JavaScript or TypeScript for those who are more fluent with the language.

CoSpaces running on a laptop showing the build-in code editor with JavaScript and Blockly.
VR headset.

Explore in VR

Use the free mobile app and an accompanying headset to experience your creations in a virtual world – just logon, strap in and discover. You can also explore your 3D worlds with a tablet or smartphone in gyroscope mode (360° mode) if you do not own a headset.

Creating a CoSpace scene on a tablet device.
A notepad.

Manage & Observe

CoSpaces Edu allows for real-time collaboration with students so teachers can observe the creation process and monitor how assignments are understood and carried out by individuals in the classroom.


Code – Make – Play VR

Code, Make, Play VR is a program created by NY certified educators who want to train students for the jobs of the future. We provide students with all the tools they need to create, code and explore their own virtual worlds, even in VR. The simple and easy to use platform can be operated across all devices, whether that’s the browser on your desktop or Chromebook, or through the companion app for tablets and smartphones. 49,99 per hour.

Create your own Virtual Reality Space

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