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BRAINS, the Bronx Revolutionary Academy for Innovative New Scientists is not only a learning center but a literacy and numeracy through S.T.E.A.M. learning movement that was created by a Geologist and former Science Teacher, Michael Ivan Jacome M.Ed. He believes that our education policy should change from boring lessons to STEAM project-based learning initiatives.

Meet our CEO and Founder: Michael Ivan Jacome

Michael Jacome is an Ecuadorian born entrepreneur who immigrated to the United States when he was 17 years old. Without any language skills, resources, or family members, he had to work a lot harder to go to college. He worked as a server and bartender at places like Perse, the 40/40 club, Jean Georges, among other exciting places that gave them the opportunity to pay for college. After several years of studying geology and finance, he decided to become a STEAM educator. He graduated with honors as a National Science Foundation/NOYCE Scholar. After several years as an educator in New York City and Westchester Counties, he saw tremendous educational gaps in urban areas of the Bronx, NY; therefore, it became his mission to help close it by operating a successful learning center in his community.

I want to implement Literacy and Numeracy through STEAM Content to close the Educational Gap. –Michael Jacome

BRAINS is an acronym for The Bronx Revolutionary Academy for Innovative New Scientists.

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Brain Academic Enrichment & Discoveries and BRAINS NYC by Michael I. Jacome CEO/Founder


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#BRAINSNYC Testimonials

Brain Academic Enrichment and Discoveries has been helping children from the Bronx in grades K through 12 for almost a decade. Our mission with the community is to promote S.T.E.A.M through different educational programs including tutoring, test prep, events, boot camps, and summer camps. Please find two students who can tell you more about their success.

“Brain helped me pass my Earth Science regents with a 98. They take their time to explain concepts like plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, and other topics.  I recommend their enrichment programs. Thank you”                                        -Quynh Le

University at Buffalo 

“I learned so much science and technology with Mr. Jacome. Now, I am in the City College of New York studying a science career because of his personal touch and inspirational teaching.”

-Luis Pagoada

City College 

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