FREE K-5 Math Tutoring Classes for NYC Students at #BRAINSNYC. #PasaLaVoz #FreeTutoring

Free K-5 Mathematics Tutoring Classes for NYC Students at #BRAINSNYC The Bronx Revolutionary Academy for Innovative New Scientists (BRAINS) is proud to offer free kindergarten to 5th grade math classes. Bring your tablet or laptop, writing materials, and notebooks. Space

Acquiring scientific #literacy through #content and genre: a theme-based language course for science students – ScienceDirect #LiteracyThroughSTEAM #BRAINSNYC

BRAINS NYC is the home of #LiteracyThroughSTEAM This article describes a theme-based language course for science students at a South African university. It suggests that acquisition of language for science and technology should be regarded as the acquisition of a

Total solar eclipse weather forecast as of Aug. 11 – The Washington Post

The general weather pattern is starting to emerge, but confidence in details is still low. We are publishing regular cloud forecast updates leading up to the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. We can begin to assemble some likelihoods from historical cloud

Amazon is issuing refunds to customers who purchased suspect #SolarEclipse glasses – The Verge #1000TelescopesToEndPoverty #BRAINS

Amazon is refunding customer purchases for protective solar eclipse glasses that it hasn’t been able to confirm come from a reputable manufacturer, according to a safety notification from the company.Excitement has been building for the upcoming solar eclipse across the

Solar eclipse 2017: Is it dangerous? – The Washington Post. #1000TelescopesToEndPoverty #SolarEclipse #SolarEclipse2017 #BRAINSNYC

Fido will be fine, and so will you, if you listen to scientists and use common sense. On Aug. 21, the moon will pass between the Earth and the sun, throwing a wide swath of the United States into darkness. And guess

1000 Telescopes To End Poverty Campaign. Experience the Solar Eclipse 2017 in New York City.

Here comes the big one Please take a look at what we are planning at Brains NYC Dear Colleagues & Friends,    Education is the only weapon to end poverty. It is our pleasure to introduce to you all a

FREE Professional Development for NYC Teachers. #EdTech #BRAINSNYC

Creating Infographics using Learn how to use, a free digital tool that allows your students create infographics including digital posters to demonstrate content knowledge learned in classroom lessons across subject areas. Excellent tool for middle and high school

BRAINS me Logo. Genius

This is our new logo. When you turn it, you will see a smile of a scientist with goggles. #BRAINSNYC #BRAINSinaBox #KnowledgeBox Franchise opportunities available! 646-202-3928

#Robots for #Kids: Designing Social Machines That Support Children’s Learning. #robotics #STEAM – IEEE Spectrum -BRAINS NYC. #BRAINSNYC

To build better robots, we need to understand kids’ relationships with them. “Hi, my name is Mox!” This story begins in 2013, in a preschool in Boston, where I hide, with laptop, headphones, and microphone, in a little kitchenette. Ethernet

Tutoring and test prep sessions are available. Prices will increase soon!

K-5 English or math tutoring: $280 per month for eight sessions. Pay $2699 for the whole school year and don’t worry about having to pay monthly fees. K-5 summer packets: $70 per hour. $599 for ten hours.  K-5 Homework help: