STEAM Summer Camp 2017. Open House @Brain headquarters on May 13 at 12:00 PM

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STEAM summer camp open house and workshop on video game design. Come join us for our introduction to Unity open house workshop at our headquarters in the Bronx NYC.  Unity is a game engine used by industry professionals to design and code video games! In this workshop, you can expect to take your first step […]

How the internet is changing your brain

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How the internet is changing your brain How is the internet changing your brain? Learn about Brain Neuroplasticity by watching this video below: #MIT #BRAIN #tutoring #tutor #edtech #learningcenter #eventplanner #communityorganizer 3022 East Tremont avenue, Bronx, NY, 10461 Created by

Affordable CCLS Math Tutoring in the Bronx NY

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Affordable math tutors in the Bronx BRAIN Academic Enrichment & Discoveries is offering an affordable tutoring package for the NY state math exam.  $199 per month for up to 8 sessions. Call to learn more: 646-202-3928 Need help with Regents prep, SAT, ACT, or college writing? We can help.

Affordable STEM Summer Camp

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Affordable STEM summer camp in the Bronx NY with embedded tutoring. Our STEAM Summer Camp’s mission is to promote Blended STEAM Learning and Enrichment in weekly summer camps. BRAIN’s Blended learning program combines Online Digital Media, Technology, Engineering, Living Environment, Earth Science, and Chemistry with traditional classroom methods and strategies necessary for your child’s neurological and […]

BRAIN Indoor Sports Venue in the Bronx. #VR #paintball #lasertag #rockclimbing

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BRAIN indoors sports venue in the Bronx. #VR #paintball #lasertag #rockclimbing Brain has been working on its second disruption. To run, operate and sell franchisable indoors sports venues around the globe. Our team has traveled to various countries for over two years to choose the right manufacturers of virtual reality accessories, paintball accessories, rock climbing materials, […]

Spring break STEAM camps in the Bronx

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Spring break STEAM camps in the Bronx Brain is proud to offer our spring break STEAM day camps from Monday, April 10, 2017 to Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Schedule: our spring break day camps run from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. Extended hours are offered in the morning and after 2:30. Activities: our STEAM camps […]

Watch “STEAM summer camp 2017 NYC” on YouTube

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