1000 telescopes to end poverty

1000 Telescopes To End Poverty Campaign. Experience the Solar Eclipse 2017 in New York City.

Here comes the big one

Please take a look at what we are planning at Brains NYC

Dear Colleagues & Friends, 


Education is the only weapon to end poverty. It is our pleasure to introduce to you all a huge initiative that will create a meaningful learning experience for youths across the New York City and beyond. Educator, Michael Jacome from The Bronx Revolutionary Academy for Innovative New Scientists (Brains) NYC, works to engage young people creative STEAM projects. As you may know, on August 21st, 2017 at 13:23 hours, a solar eclipse will take place in New York City. Our idea is to create the space for young people in the Bronx to experience the universe from within their own community and introduce telescopes as the tool through which they dive deep into STEAM.


There are thousands of celestial objects over our heads that are visible every night. Most of them can be seen in great detail with telescopes or even the naked eye. All we have to do is look up, and keep our heads up to the sky. Being able to see another galaxy that is 2.537 light years away (or about 2.4 quintillion km) is fascinating and that is precisely what we want young people to experience within their hearts and minds. 


We are looking to make people bring their own telescope. We need to make this a viral campaign; therefore we need people to bring 1000 telescopes to make this experience possible for students in our community. Please share this event in New York City. #BYOT Bring Your Own Telescope to Central Park. We will be next to the museum of Natural History. Look for the #BRAINSNYC banners and follow the buzz.


Please contact Michael Jacome at info@mybrainenrichment.com if you would like to extend your support by volunteering, donating, sponsoring, or simply being part of this global initiative.


Thank you, 


This is the next big event that Brains NYC will be initiating and taking a part of. An eclipse does not happen often so please join us and admire this spectacular heavenly event. If you don’t have a telescope, that is fine. You do not need one to see the eclipse!

Show some support and help us expose the community to STEM and the cosmos.

Although NYC will not get to see the total solar eclipse, we will have the chance to see a partial solar eclipse which is more than enough to make this event fascinating!

If you do plan to bring a telescope, please be cautious. Looking at the sun is never safe

Please take a look at the flyer below. Thank you.

The BRAINS NYC Team, Michael Jacome M.Ed., Mario Benabe M.Ed., Joseph Quinones B.A., Scott Krivitsky M.Ed., Laura Haro, Jamaal Bowman, Juan Gabriel De Jesus, and the City of New York.

The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do. –Steve Jobs.


1000 Telescopes To End Poverty Campaign.